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Mississauga Living and Woking 2020-2025

February 18, 2020

For the past decades, the city of Mississauga worked hard, growing rapidly and having a significant economic contribution to the Greater Toronto Economy. Into 2020, in order to stay competitiveness in this fast-changing world, the city tends to adjust its development focuses, and this new potential strategy could be a huge benefit to whoever lives and works in Mississauga.


From the consultation draft from Hatch, Mississauga has become one of the world’s fastest growing major economies, with one of the best-connected international airport (Pearson International Airport) and a huge talent pool (UTM). As a result, the city attracts a significant number of internationa land Fortune 500 companies operating in sectors with significant growth potential. Small and medium sized businesses also generate many jobs, which are the bedrock of city’s economy.

Mississauga generates $55 billion per annum of economic output. That’s $77k per person, against $56k for the province. – according to Hatch’s report


As the government of Mississauge continue helping more start-ups, and attracting more investments. They face challenges too. Mississauga cannot grow on a busineess as usual trajectory, as the city is running out of land and infrastructure in many places is operating as capacity. In the next round of global competition on talent recruiting, city’s attractions, revolution of technology and sustainable living, the city is turning its focuses from developing lands and drawing in new businesses to making best use of the assets we have and encouraging greater levels of innovation and entrepreneurship among the existing businesses.

Hatch’s Priorities of Mississauga Economic Development Strategy 2020-2025

There are three global drivers that are changing the world: digital, sustainable and talent. Obviously those factors will decide the growth of a ragion and the opportunities a ragion can offer. Mississauga will embrace these chanllenges and the strategic plan will capitalize on the opportunities they will create.

Digital is the fourth revolution on gloal industries. It has reshaped everything from people’s lifestyle to the global production chains. However, this is far not the end. With big open data, artificial intelligence, and automation keeping developing their potentials and possibilities, the change can only be more profound. New tachnologies will bring the entrepreneurs more innovation and opportunities with government’s help, or it can lead to disrupt established employment and business models by machines.

A sustainable living solution is as important as measures on digital. The world we are living is more fragile, and residents of Mississauga are also expecting more comfortable and substainable neighborhoods, more attractive places for visitors and residents’ leisure activities. These are also keys to attract more talents to work and live as a long-term root. On the other hand, many leaders of progressive businesses and organizations are increasingly focused on leaving a positive legacy. They are getting to realize that they are a responsible stewardship role. And they want to secure change that reduces long-term environmental harm, creates durable assets and stimulates positive inter-generational progress. During 2020-2025, the government of Mississauga will more focus on resource management, public space and value shift to create welfare to the residents and companies.

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Talents are key as always, the city is welcoming young, ambitious talents from all the world. The government will keep supporting local educational institutions and companies, and constructing the society with diverse cultures, and more affordable housing policy.

Mississauga downtown in fall colors

City’s Economic Priorities

In order to maintain city’s advantages in global businesses and improve, the government will concentrate on supporting global-minded busineses, developing local distinctive places and deliver durable infrastructure. All those focuses will directly improve residents’ working opportunities and living stardards in terms of local amenities and environments.


Mississauga is home of nearly 95,000 businesses, ranging from small and medium-sized to global multinationals. There are 1,400 multinational corporations and 75 Fortune 500 companies. With the help of the huge talent pool and best-connnected transit network, the city has a great opportunity to support and invest more innovation programs, research hubs and civic engagement to rise to global reputation of innovation and solve critical issues around the world.

Distinctive Places

95% of residents rate their quality of life in Mississauga as excellent or good. However, the city is still working hard to build a clear identity and promote itself. In the future, the city will keep promoting its most cennected working spaces and people-centred spaces/communities. For example, the Downtown Mississauga improvement and Port Credit Innovation District. Many popular area will continue thriving and more cultural anchors will be buildt in the next few years.

Durable Infrastructure

Mississauge has a mission to meet the city’s Fitst Transportation Master Plan objective. The plan includes a 50% sustainable mode split, more than 430,000 daily trips will need to switch from the car to transit or a more active mode of travel. There are multiple projects underway such as Pearson Transit Hub, Kitchener-Malton GO Extension and Aerotropolis Masterplan. The government will put more effort to make the city more connected, walkable and sustainable. It is a good news to all residents in Mississauga.

Residential Condos In Mississauga

Condominium projects in Mississauga are getting more and more attentions this year, and those project are mostly located in either downtown Mississauga or Port Credit. Both areas are very livable and rich on local amenities. Projects in Downtown Mississauga include Square One District Condos, Artform Condos, Exchange District 2 and the recent ORO Condos. Projects in Port Credit are also popular, such as TANU Condos, The Brightwater condos and Westport Condos. There no doubt that many investors and new residents have good expectation on Mississauga’s future.

ORO Condos

ORO Condos, at 24 Elm Drive in Mississauga, is the final phase of the famous Edge Tower Condos development by Solmar Development Corp. The completion is estimated on 2024 and this 50-storey tower will fit 630 units with stylish design and finish. It shares a wonderful walk score and only mins driving to the Downtown Mississauga.

The platinum opening inventives are now available, inlucing

  • Free parking
  • Free locker
  • Free assignment
  • Free unlimited high-speed internet
  • Ability to rent during occupancy

Contact us for more information about ORO Condos or other property investment opportunities in Mississauga.

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