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Carrville Centre Condos

1176 Rutherford Rd, Maple, Vaughan, ON L6A 1S2

Vaughan, ON





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About Carrville Centre Condos

Nestled in the heart of Vaughan, a captivating high-rise condominium is on the horizon. Beyond the 24-story tower, this development will introduce stacked townhome units, fostering a dynamic and diverse new community.

The visionary minds behind these new condos are the Norstar Group of Companies, a seasoned company with over 50 years of involvement in every facet of the real estate industry. Their footprint extends across North America, a testament to their prolific contributions.

You’ll find this condominium project at 1176 Rutherford Road, situated within the City of Vaughan. While it officially falls within Vaughan’s boundaries, it stands at the crossroads of several of Southern Ontario’s most significant emerging real estate markets.

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Prepare for a remarkable mixed-use development, where a striking 24-story tower gracefully emerges from a 2-story podium. The tower itself will host a total of 255 individual units, and the innovation continues with the addition of stacked townhomes, contributing another 184 unique units to this vibrant community.

Diversity is key in this project, and that’s exemplified by the 6,466 square feet of commercial retail units on the ground floor. These establishments not only enhance the convenience of future residents but also bring added value to the burgeoning neighborhood that surrounds this endeavor.

On the ground floor, the amenities take center stage. An indoor amenity space, spanning 2,812 square feet, is strategically positioned adjacent to the building’s lobby. Moreover, there are exciting plans for outdoor amenity space in the form of a communal pavilion, offering an array of options for relaxation and socializing.

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Welcome to the future of Vaughan’s Carrville region, a key piece in the city’s ambitious plan to evolve into the next major urban hub in Southern Ontario. In line with this vision, the project is aptly named the New Downtown North.

While officially situated within Vaughan, Carrville Centre holds a strategic position at the heart of some of the Golden Horseshoe Region’s most significant emerging markets. To the northeast lies Richmond Hill, poised for remarkable growth over the next 25 years. With a population of 195,022 in 2016, projections indicate a surge to 277,900 by 2041.

Adding to the excitement is the upcoming Yonge North Extension, a scheduled subway extension reaching from Line 1 Yonge-University’s eastern terminus of Finch Station to Richmond Hill Centre. This extension, only a 10-minute drive from the development, promises enhanced connectivity and accessibility to residents, aligning seamlessly with the city’s forward-looking urban development.

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